COVID-19 Policy

At the Château de l'Argoat Hotel we have always had the health and well-being of our customers and our employees at heart. While the current situation with the Covid-19 is difficult for all of us, we remain positive and confident. We are committed to respecting the public health standards issued by the National Institute of Public Health (INSPQ) and by the Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work Commission (CNESST)

Here is a summary of the preventive measures we have applied to minimize risks in the hotel and promote the well-being of our clients as well as our work staff :

  • All our employees are advised not to report to work if they have symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Hand sanitizer stations are installed at several "strategic" points of the establishment as well as posters promoting hygiene measures
  • A floor marking is installed to remind customers of the physical distance measures
  • A plexiglass screen is placed at the reception counter and a distance of 2 meters will be maintained at all times with the hotel staff
  • Our lounge as well as our breakfast room remain closed for the moment
  • All unnecessary material is removed from common areas and bedrooms (documents, magazines, pens, cushions ……)
  • We covered the TV remote controls and those of the air conditioners with a thermoformed plastic film to facilitate disinfection
  • We favor card payments (credit or debit) - disinfection of the payment terminal is carried out several times per shift
  • Our parking is always free on a ‘’first come, first served’’ basis, we will keep your car keys at reception. If we were to move your vehicle, the steering wheel and door handles would be disinfected. When we give you your keys these will also be.

During your stay with us, you can contact the reception to empty your trash and recycling bin and put them outside your room and we will make sure to empty, clean and disinfect them. If you need anything during your stay, it will be possible to contact the reception. We will always be at your service, however we will limit contact as much as possible. In addition to our usual cleaning practices, we are proactively increasing our cleaning activities for our rooms and common areas. As usual, on each departure we open the windows to ventilate the room.

If you plan to make a long stay, we can organize a cleaning schedule together, respecting the safety measures necessary for everyone. Doors leading outside, handles and stair railings will be disinfected even more regularly.

Our usual standards for the health and hygiene of our establishment are raised significantly.

Finally, it has been 50 years this year that the HOTEL CHÂTEAU DE L’ARGOAT, proud Quebec Company, welcomes you and we are really looking forward to a return to normal for all, as soon as possible!!

We look forward to welcoming you very soon

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