Discover A Unique Hotel Furnished With Original Artworks

Located in Montreal’s most colourful neighbourhood the Château de l’Argoat hotel stands at the junction of the "Quarter latin", the "Plateau Mont-Royal", and the "Quartier des spectacles". This newly revamped district epitomizes Montreal’s cosmopolitanism and cultural vibrancy. Here, the Château de I’Argoat gives guests more than overnight accommodations since each of its twenty-four rooms, as well as its spacious double suite, feature original artworks that complement a discreetly novel decor.

In this setting guests experience first-hand the creations of contemporary Quebec artists who live in the greater Montreal area. Their paintings, sculptures, and photography grace every corner of the hotel.

In fact the works of well-established professionals hang beside those of emerging artists who graduated from fine arts institutes and universities. By virtue of participating in numerous collective and solo exhibitions they won many honours and awards so that these artists have made their mark in Quebec, Europe, and elsewhere around the world. Indeed they already have proven track records due to the high calibre of their works, which has justifiably earned them advocates. Drawing inspiration from the twin wellsprings of time and nature these artists employ a range of materials, techniques, and styles, to create diverse objects which betoken contemporary art’s spirit of inquiry.

For years the hotel owner, a lifelong patron of the arts, has furthered artists’ careers by offering them an exceptional atmosphere in which to display their creations. The Château de l’Argoat thus serves artists, all the while enabling guests to ponder the panoply of artworks that adorn its premises. In sum, art enhances one’s stay at this hotel.

Its owner has likewise established a nearby gallery, La Récréation, which specializes in contemporary art and year-round mounts exhibitions. It opened in the fall of 2007 and annually hosts an average of five shows. In so doing it has made a dream come true for the owner. Since La Récréation endeavours to highlight veteran, as well as promising artists, it exhibits a wide spectrum of visual arts. Indeed this dynamic gallery seeks out new talent and welcomes innovative proposals. Furthermore, La Récréation comprises a multipurpose space that facilitates artistic experimentation and collaborative projects.

The gallery and hotel not only contribute to Montreal’s cultural scene but they also provide an excellent opportunity to support artists, for as the owner says, "What better way to encourage an artist than to buy one of their works? Why deprive ourselves of an original piece of  art when we can buy it at a readily affordable price often below market value?" Moreover, this enables art lovers to begin their own collection and through this new pursuit to beautify their visual environment.

For information on the artists represented by the hotel Château de l’Argoat please see the reception desk which also has a list of the artworks available for sale.

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